Saturday, March 22, 2014

Watching Chelsea Thrash Arsenal

Amazing things happen when you are with amazing friends.

Part of the gang met up to watch the triumph of Chelsea in the most spectacular manner as Arsenal was left completely helpless with the rampaging Chelsea. Must have been painful for any Arsenal fans to watch.

Last few games to go before the title is decided for this season...


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trail Riding @JB

It's been a long time since the gang rode together, in fact, just meeting up is a tough thing to do. Thankfully we decided to celebrate the end of Faried's singlehood by doing some trail riding in JB. We met up bright and early at Rae's place before heading to the congested causeway.
After our breakfast at the nearest prata shop, we head to the bike shop to collect our gears before choosing your bikes. Me and HF took the measly KLX while Red and Rae took the CRF. It was a really bumpy ride on the KLX, very weak suspension that ensured I felt every bump and stones along the plantation trail.
We didn't manage to take a lot of photos as most of the time we were riding about, trying hard not to fall. Thankfully nothing happened to me. The rest had a bit of falls here and there, I was just overly cautious... Defeats the purpose of doing the trail really. But well... Safety first.
Rae had a bad tumble and sprained his ankle which eventually took the toll on his riding and had to switch bike with me to ease the pressure off his foot. Think he and Red really pushed themselves hard on their bikes unlike me.
The trail took us up and down slopes, along sandy paths and rocky roads, into the forested plantations, etc. definitely a lot more challenging than we had expected but we managed well.
Lunch was at the scenic quarry, a hot empty space where we had to hide in these concrete structure and chow down on the packed lunch we had bought from the mamak shop earlier. Good break to catch a breather and relieve some of the riding stress.
I sure hope Faried enjoyed his bachelor party :)


Thursday, March 06, 2014

My Buddy, Proud Daddy

My good army buddy is now a proud dad to a very very cute and sleepy boy. His eyes were closed the whole time we were there. So small and delicate but probably keeping him up all night and getting flustered over every little problems...


Saturday, March 01, 2014

Pinhan and Jasmine's Big Day

Another member of our clique tying the knot on the special day, 1st Mar 14... Or 一生一世 if you may.
Our day started very early, with our other half over at the bride's side while the brothers gathered in the wee hours at PH's place. McDonalds breakfast was waiting for us when we arrived, so after a hearty breakfast, we made our way over for the gate crash.
No photos of the gate crash since we were all busy doing the usual activities. But we made our way through easily.
After the tea ceremony, we head over to Marina Barrage for some photo shoot before rushing over to Merriott hotel for the lunch reception. Not much time for us to slack about as we had to prepare for the reception and what not. Seeing how the bride and groom fluster over every single detail, must be a long tiring day for them.
After the lunch, the gang hung out together with the newly weds for dinner before crashing into their bridal suite and making a nuisance of ourselves. Entertaining ourselves with the TV and random chat while the newly weds went to wash up... And they never came back out to greet us.
Very politely, we left a note and bade farewell to them, they must have slept well after a long tiring day...


Saturday, February 22, 2014

New House!

Greetings from the new home owners!


Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine

The 14th of Februrary has always been a special day for us, being the day we got together. This year marks the last year we are together as boyfriend and girlfriend, next year this time, we will be celebrating our Valentine's as husband and wife.
It's amazing how so many years passed us by before we realized it, it feels like just not too long ago we first met in NTU. And now we are going to enter a new phase in our lives. Cheers to the exciting times ahead.
We had been very tied down by work lately and making time for each other to properly enjoy ourselves for an evening is a luxury. Definitely enjoyed the slower pace and feasted on the wide selection of meats at Carnivore... Not the most romantic of place for a dinner date.
Our dinner was really protein packed, stuffing chunks of meat after another. Only taking a break between this highly carnivorous diet for some roasted pineapples.
Happy Valentine's to my dearest valentine :)


Monday, February 10, 2014

At The River Safari (again)

Well, this time round, the boat ride is opened, so we have a new attraction to look forward to. We had been warned that the complimentary boat ride tickets will run out if you arrive late.
So, as a proper kiasu Singaporean, we went over bright and early to queue for the tickets for the boat ride before we even had breakfast. 1230pm slot secured.
After heaving a huge sigh of relief that we had the time slot we wanted, we head over to KFC for our breakfast before starting our CNY trip at the River Safari.
It was a very very crowded affair at the Safari. Seems like everyone wanted to try out the new attraction. You could hardly managed a decent view of the aquatic animals, much less a photo without people photobombing your shots (and without acting like a selfish b******).
Her favorite animal at the Safari... The manatee. Which she described as a graceful animal in the water...
That does mainly 2 things... Eat and poo, sometimes at the same time.
The shot above was only achieved after more than 1.5hrs of queuing. Despite the fact that we had already secured a time slot for our ride. I can feel the frustrations and disappointment from the tourists that were in our boat.
"What? That's it?"
"We queued more than an hour just for a 5minute ride?"
It was disappointing on so many levels. First, they promoted it as if it was a ride of your life with many intimate moments with the animals. Next, they made you stand and wait in the heat for more than an hour.
Then when you finally sat on the small boat, the so-called river was miserably narrow. The speed at which the boat was moving along was so fast that you only had a brief moment to find the signboard which points out the enclosure you are looking at. In that brief moment, you need to do a few things...
  1. Read the signage
  2. Read the description
  3. Find the animal
  4. Take out your camera and attempt a posed shot with it
Most likely you can do 2 out of the 4 items above in that span of time. Oh yes... Exhibits may be placed on both side of the river banks... So good luck.
Taking a break at the panda enclosure, the best part of the whole safari... As it is fully air conditioned.
The red panda is a lot more active that day, pacing up and down and all over the place as visitors tried their best to capture the cuddly animals into their cameras.

And that pretty much summed up our experience at the safari... I do hope they improve the boat ride experience...


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

River Angpow

It's sort of a routine for us, visiting the River Angpow during CNY even though it is pretty much the same every year. And not as interesting as it was, as compared to when it was set up near the Padang.
Too much of the China Chinese heritage instead of our own local rendition of our Chinese celebrations.
Did our tour of the must-sees around the floating platform before we walked about to the Uncle Ringo area. The place was very crowded, there wasn't much to see anywhere else in the shopping malls since it was the start of CNY holidays, so everyone probably just thought of dropping by here.

Long queues at the not-so-cheap rides... Can't remember the last time i played bumper cars. The familiar smell of static in the air (from the bumper car cables) are now missing... Seems to be purely battery powered?

How times have changed...

Anyways, Happy Lunar New Year!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

COKTY Reunion Dinner

Ever since Benny and Jingyi had their humble home, we have been crashing into their cosy LLC for every other gathering. Comfortable and at a centralized area, it makes for the ideal venue every time we had to think of a place to have our reunions.
The gang arrived pretty on time to help out with the food preparation, though the Tan family had already prepared most of the dinner feast. We only had to eat.
One of the staples at our celebrations... Fruit beer and moscato...
After dinner it was some board games fun while we prepare our stomach for the Lo Hei later. The yusheng set from IKEA was much much more affordable than what you can get from NTUC and it comes complete with frozen salmon and disposable cutlery and plastic table mat.
Finding the right words to say for each ingredient we poured in was a challenge. But we managed.


Sunday, January 05, 2014

My Brother's 21

Wow... 21 years has passed since the day I first saw my younger brother as a little baby, kinda makes me very old this year. Now he is a lot more of a man than the baby I once see him as.
Birthdays are very mellow affairs in my family, simple cake and lots of home cooked food by mum, that's how we usually spend the birthdays. If we do celebrate them.
We finished the food before I whipped out the camera, so no photos of the good food, but in time to capture the cake cutting and song singing ceremony.
Welcome to adulthood, the rest of the years ahead will fly past faster than the first 21years. Treasure the younger years, though you will probably end up reminiscing the yesteryears eventually when you hit your 30s - 40s. :)