Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Dinner was all the way in the ulu part of Punggol - Marina Country Club... Thankfully the place was not as crowded as everywhere else in Singapore at this time of the year.

Filling dinner with crab, tofu, tomyam, roast chicken by the sea. Before we strolled over to the Punggol jetty for some sightseeing.

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Other Seiko

Thanks to my sweet Fiancée who bought me this for our anniversary. Did not take a proper photo of it the other time, so here's a special feature for it.

It's a solar powered chronograph which means that I will never have to worry about having to change the battery or having to wind it like my automatic. Less fuss, for weekend wear.


Thursday, May 01, 2014

Kranji War Memorial

Spending a different kind of Labour day by visiting the serene Kranji memorial in the far western end of Singapore.
It feels like a scene from Hollywood, but it is very close to home and very close to the history of our country. How these young men defended a place that is not their home, but gave selflessly so that the others may live.

Our peace should never be taken for granted. Never.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lepak @ Colbar

Should have taken a more panoramic shot of the Colbar as well as the surrounding, but you probably can google for the pictures of the old school place at Portsdown.
Having read and heard about the Portsdown cafe/restaurants, we decided to head down to explore the area as we had some time to spare before the Chelsea-Liverpool game
The place exudes an old school charm as well as tonnes of mosquitoes as we battled hard to stay comfortable and resisted the urge to scratch. The food was not marvelous nor was it cheap. We shared a simple fish and chips and it was... simple.
The fish appears to be the frozen fillet you get from NTUC and definitely not value for money. Oh well...

But the place really appeared as though time stood still, good for anyone wanting to live out their nostalgia.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just Another Weekend @ Orchard

Checking out the new Gateway Orchard shopping mall. The shops probably are the same as almost every shops you see in every other malls in Singapore. But we still explored the new mall and see what they offer.
Most of the shops are not ready for business yet though, but you could almost imagine how it would be like.
Dinner was at Suanthai at Killiney, a Thai buffet restaurant that I had read about earlier. The food was a tad disappointing. I expected more variety and better quality... Nonetheless, we stuffed our face till we could hardly move...
Fat die us


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crabby Weekend

It was just a normal weekend where we roamed about the less urbanized area of Singapore... A simple Sunday by the Punggol beach resulted in a sumptuous dinner over at the newly opened House of Seafood.

The restaurant was so new that their POS system is not up yet and we had to pay by cash only. Thankfully we had enough cash in our wallets to pay for the black pepper crab.
The photos were taken with the new Google camera that simulated the shallow depth of field of a large aperture camera through some clever software twitch.

Weekend indulgence? Check.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pinhan and Huixian Birthday

It's the time of the year where the oldest in the group and the youngest celebrate their birthday. This year is especially special for Pinhan as he turns to the big 3. A significant milestone in his life...
Once again, we made ourselves at home at LLC. The Tan family graciously opened their door to welcome us to their place. Benny had prepare something special for us to celebrate the occasion.
Buddha jump over the wall!
It's the real deal... Comes complete with abalone. Such irresistible delight... Thank you so much Benny for treating us to such good soup.
The guys entertained themselves well with plenty of FIFA on the xbox. I had brought along an extra controller so that everyone could play. Best decision ever.
The ladies probably got bored out watching us play.
Happy birthday to the both of you!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Red's Big Day

It's the phase in our lives when people around you starts to settle down... Weddings, baby showers, it's a thing now.
Glad that Red is finally settled down, though for the most part that I've know him, he has always appeared as a swinging bachelor and so full of nonsense, but today he walk the aisles with his beautiful wife and officially as a married man.

Need to be less crappy lo...

Thanks to his wedding, the gang managed to meet up once again, this time with little Hana clinging on to Huda most of the time. Though she is more than glad to pass it to Huifen or Rae or Red or whoever wants to help carry her little precious.

Congrats bro!


Sunday, April 06, 2014

Museum and Good Food

Usually you wouldn't associate museum visit with good food. But for us, we had some time to pass before going down to Westin for a good dinner buffet to celebrate her promotion. So we head down to the Asian Civilisation museum for some sightseeing since we had the free entrance pass.
The exhibits were from the Tang Dynasty period, having stumbled upon the hidden cache of rich history when the pagoda collapsed. Hence the title of the exhibition...
We went about reading and admiring (to our best efforts) the exhibits and striking some silly poses with the figurines. Tang Dynasty was known for its beauties... The plump beauties that defined the era, thanks to Yang Guifei...
We had fun making the Tang beauty mask by sticking the facial features onto the cardboard cutout.
We left the museum shortly and went about the CBD area to shoot some photos and also because we need to walk through the buildings in order to get to Westin Hotel.
Fast forward a little and we are now on the 55th floor of the hotel, good view of the Marina area, though the view is partially obscured by the other neighboring towers...
We wasted little time to feast, gorging ourselves on the tiger prawns and what nots before topping off our dinner with the dessert goodness.

Fat die us loh!


Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Photoshoot is a tiring affair, making our way down to MDW bright and early to have our make up down. After like forever, we finally changed into our gown and suit before getting some quick tips on posing.

Our first location was at MacRitchie reservoir. The weather was nothing less than scorching, and we had to make every effort to not break a sweat. Hiding under the umbrella when possible while the make up artist powdered our faces every now and then.

Thankfully after plenty of poses by the jetty, we moved down to the boardwalk for more photos. And eventually moving up a small trail to capture some greenery. How the mosquitoes loved us...

The second location was by the Singapore Flyer, we changed into our casual attire for a more lighthearted shoot at the heritage food trail.

We definitely made some effort to dress to the old school theme...
Then it was another quick change of clothes as we shot about the Flyer before adjourning to MBS for our night shoot.
It was a relatively empty evening, considering it was a weekday night. She drew compliments from the random tourists for her dress and other well-wishes for is. Don't really get that kind of comments from Singaporeans, but I know we are just a shy bunch.
The long photoshoot for us ended at about 9+ before we can call it a day and have a proper meal. Hope the pictures will turn out well in the album :)