Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Art Of The Brick

An impromptu decision to visit the ArtScience museum last Saturday was a good one as we were treated to some creative works by Nathan Sawaya.
Most of us would have outgrown the Lego bricks by the time we hit our teens, much less carry the passion into our adult lives. Using the brick to create the masterpiece takes not only creativity, keen observation of the human anatomy but sheer patience.

Small but amazing when put together
The bricks make all the object look pixelated, it's like what Neo would see in the matrix world, except that its pixels instead of 1 and 0. Ok, I failed in the analogy, but I hope you get it.

Every bit Lego
There were plenty of Lego-men in the exhibition, each expressing an idea that Nathan had. Be it peace, diversity, motivation, etc etc.

As with one of his works, the greatest tool he has is not the bricks but his hands... For without them, he would not have been able to express his artistic inner being.

Below is such a representation, where the man has lost his hands, Lego hands crumbling before its feet.


One of the many pixelated portraits, believed to be aided by software to create a accurate representation. Nonetheless impressive.

Then a gallery with a slightly morbid atmosphere as skulls decorated the room.

And a final shot before we left the exhibition to catch the photo exhibition by Magnum Photos.

A pity that I could not snap any photos in the art gallery, but I shall leave you with the link to Magnum Photos should you wish to find out more about the cooperative of well-know photographers/photos.


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