Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walter & Diana Wedding

Well, recently there are a lot of weddings in my calendar, and 2013 kick started with fellow COKTY member tying the knot with Diana.
The church wedding was held on the 5th while the banquet took place the following day. Must have been a busy weekend for them. Will have more to be busy with in the future.

This would be my 2nd church wedding to date I think.

The emcees did a good job entertaining the audience with the intro with lots of witty lines and advices from a married couple perspective while we await the arrival of the golden couple.


Well, it wasn't easy to snap photos from where I was especially with my 35mm. I brought my newly purchased film Canon A1 (with 50mm F1.8) along but the photos are yet to be developed so I can't share them here.

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Walter Ong

After the exchange of vows, speech and photo taking, we were ushered downstairs for the buffet. Trust me, we were really hungry by then.

After bidding our farewells to the new couple, we adjourned to J Cube to spend the rest of the lazy early evening at the familiar FrancFranc and what nots.


Then Weiting came up with the idea of playing Wii at his place, so we made our way to his house after taking away our dinner from the nearby Kopitiam.

Simple spread

Then it was hours of competitive fun in his room as we battled it out in front of the tv.

National rowers at their best




It was a simple night spent together with great friends before we reluctantly decided to call it a day... Before the last train roll away.


Before I end this post, shall give my best wishes to the new couple again, may they live blissfully ever after!


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