Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WP Rally At Rivervale Crescent

We arrived at the rally grounds right after our dinner, people were slowly filling the field after they had their meal as well. Thankfully it did not rain this time. As the crowd swell, the atmosphere begin to heat up as the speakers took stage to address their supporters, you could see and sense the support from the ground.

Shall not elaborate on the views and speech as you can read/watch video coverage on it easily, but to shall some photos taken around the pitch. This is probably the very few times that Rivervale Crescent will ever see such crowds.


Speaking of which, I still cannot understand why the SMC has to be called Punggol East when we are essentially made up of what's-left-and-right-of-Rivervale. Would be apt to call it Rivervale.

And this time round, even more parties are here to court our votes...


PE SMC is pretty interesting, having been newly carved out in the previous GE, with similar demographics (young middle income families, with a lower than national average voting age). If i could second guess what PAP is thinking, it's like a testing ground to gauge local sentiments (of this particular demographic). And the results have shown PAP 1-0 so far...


Have to await the results after 26th to see the score line.

The neon hammer has arrived



Passionate supporter


Everyone's chanting and crowding to catch a glimpse of WP members


And there will be another round (last) of rally tomorrow night, will you be there?


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