Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Phuket Trip III

Continuing our local tour, we arrived at the Monkey Cave Temple which was a super long drive away from the turtle sanctuary, 2hours to be exact. It was really uncomfortable inside the mini bus, finding different means to arrange my legs to fit into the seat.
At the entrance
One of the many statues
Very life-like
Very life-like


The inner cave was a lot cooler than the outside, you can really feel the temperature difference, as if someone had left the air con on.



After exploring the cave, our tour was concluded and the bus took bus back to the island of Phuket, meaning another 2hrs of driving. Ouch!
Think most of the tour was spent in the mini bus than the actual attractions. Nonetheless, we were glad that we spent the day over at Khao Lak minus the bus. Once we washed up, we head out in search for dinner, actually we know where we wanted to eat this time, having spotted this Chinese speaking restaurant the other day.
The waiter speaks Mandarin too


Flashing a smile at my camera

After the very filling dinner, we bought a slice of cake from McDonalds to celebrate Mark's birthday, topped off with wine that he smuggled from Singapore.

Happy birthday bro!



And good night...

Next morning we had to check out and spend the rest of the day till our flight in the evening, so it was foodie time once again.



And a lot of wandering about before we hit the beach to waste time... We aren't really beach person... Making it odd to be at Phuket.


Random cafe


Playing checkers with bottle caps




Cannot resist the waters



Plenty of Ang Mohs
Plenty of Ang Mohs
Pizza dinner

And we are back in the cab once again to be ferried to the airport, concluding our short little getaway in the tropical island of Phuket, a land of many Ang Mohs, it's like we are in Europe. Surprisingly a lot of Russians and even restaurants and signage written in Russian.

So for the price of air ticket to Phuket, I get to experience life in Europe. Worth it?


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