Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catching Yabbies

Finally tried our hands at Yabby catching instead of the usual prawns... Well, most effective way to catch them would be with a net, but at Hai Bin, we were restricted to just a line and a hook. But still did not deter us from hauling in our catch of 17 in 2hrs. Not a fantastic record, but a good first time experience.

Thought they were a little more easy to catch (though the results may not be exactly so)... The constant excitement of seeing the float going down the water as we guide our line about the water was encouraging. Slightly more tricky to get them out of the water than prawns I would say... But we got the hang of it.

And they taste pretty good after going through the BBQ =) should we try boiling them next time?


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WeiShi said...

Correction.. We caught 18! We caught a dead one which we didn't dare to eat.. Haha..