Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This year's Christmas was spent in the Ye's family new house all the way in the far west of Yew Tee. Been a long while since i was in the area.

The theme for this year was Freezing Christmas, so everyone had to get something related to the key words. On top of that, we had to get everyone a mini gift. So the picture you see above is the whole lot of Christmas presents by the tree.

Lots of fooling around and exploring of his new place before we finally set the table and prep the food.

Everyone doing their part for the dinner...

Almost everyone...

Tried the fried chicken from the air fryer, a healthier alternative to fried food. Delicious nonetheless. Below 2 caught steeling food.
While the rest were chilling outside, the two ladies were busy doing the dishes, keep up the good work!

Taking a group shot before we commence our mini gift exchange, quite a messy arrangement as everyone just wanted to grab their own mini gifts.

Then like little kids, we sat about in a circle and unwrapped all our gifts to see what goodies hid in them.

At close to midnight, we had our Christmas tiramisu, which was a really nice dessert after our dinner. Not the usual logcake though. After which, it was more presents again, this time for the main gift exchange...

And there you have it after plenty and plenty of gift exchanging, and Avengers board game, we settled in for a movie that Benny recommended and Weiting downloaded. And we sat by the sofa trying very hard to stay awake.
Guess we are not that young anymore, staying up is no longer an activity we can do so easily.

Nonetheless it was the usual fun gathering that we have together, wonder how it would be when everyone starts to have their own place and children... Should be quite chaotic...


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